What is wagering? And how to choice the best Casino Bonus

In this article we are explaining the wagering of online casino bonuses in details. What kind of wagering there is and how to beat the wagering

If you want to play in an online casino you will sign up to 1 of your favorite casinos. All casinos have there own Casino Bonuses. But how on earth can you decide which casino bonus is the best? Do you read all the Terms & Condition of the Bonus Policy (offcourse nobody does this).

A casino bonus most of the times has a number of conditions that must be met by the player. Most casinos are using also a minimum withdrawal limit or a wagering requirement. Most new casino players have trouble with the right choice of Casino Bonus because of the different wagering requirements

Therefore we want you to explain some more about the bonus wagering. Each casino has its own casino wagering amount. Most of the times that is an multiplier of the deposit, but sometimes its just the received bonus amount of money (multiplied by X). There are even casino bonuses with an Bonus + Deposit wagering requirement.

Some different Casino Bonus wagering examples;

VIPS Casino bonus up to 200 euro for new players
35x wagering VIPS Casino bonus up to €200
Join DriftCasino and receive up to 500 euro bonus money
Join DriftCasino and receive up to 500 euro bonus money
PlayFrank bonus package for new casino players
Start your casino adventure at PlayFrank
Wishmaker casino bonus for new players
WishMaker casino bonus with a change of winning €9.900,-
HighRoller 100% bonus for new casino players
HighRoller casino with 100% casino bonus

As you can see there are several bonus wagering requirement. LIke the bonus on VIPSCasino with 35x wagering of the BONUS amount. For example if you deposit 100 euro, you will receive 100 euro extra. To withdrawal money you need to play at least 35x 100 euro = 3500 euro of games (slots, livegames or others).

The Bonus of DriftCasino is just 25x wagering requirement. But if we read further in the T&C of the Bonus Policy we see this is of the bonus and deposit money. Ofcourse you can get more bonus money (up to 500 euro) but you need to clear it with more wagering. If we deposit 100 euro you get 150% bonus. Your total play money will be 250 euro. To withdrawal money you need to filp your money x25 = 6250 euro.

Wagering is the amount of a valuable staked when gambling on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods

Why do wagering requirements exist?

Although the bane of many casino players’ existence, this is no ploy by the casino to get more money from the player. There is in fact, a legitimate reason in place. The truth of the matter is that wagering requirements are in place due to the casinos’ need to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

If online casinos didn’t have any wagering requirements, it would be easy for criminals to clean their illegal funds by depositing and withdrawing straightaway.

Always check the terms of conditions of the wagering requirement. Slots are most of the times 100% weighting but live games aren’t.

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Wager Free Casino bonuses?

There are some wager free casino bonuses on the market. But off course there is always some Terms & Condition. Most of the times the wager free casino bonuses aren’t as good as the wager casino bonuses. For example FortuneLegends casino has a wager free casino bonus. They have an wager free cashback casino bonus ever week for all players.

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MrBet Welcome bonus up to €2250 for new casino players
MrBet casino bonus package up to 2250 euro

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