All new casino players have many questions, the most important question of all when opting for a casino bonus is whether it’s sticky or non-sticky?
Other than the funny ring to them, these terms refer to the way a bonus can (or can’t) be cashed out. If you would like to get the full picture of what makes a
bonus sticky or non-sticky, and why here we at CasinosBonuses all of the below casino bonuses are non-sticky, then keep reading below!

Sticky Casino Bonus

A sticky bonus is considerably more common than a non-sticky one.

In this case the casino has the term to refers the fact that your deposit money will automatically and by default “get stuck” to the bonus money. Restraining you from being able to withdraw any sum until you have completed the wagering requirements specified in the bonus’ T&Cs. Both your real and bonus money would become attached to each other, the same way a piece of gum can get stuck to the sole of your shoe when you’re not paying attention.

Non-Sticky Casino Bonus

Playing first with your real-money before touching the bonus money

On the other hand, a non-sticky bonus or well called Parcachute Bonus or lifeline bonus separates your real money from the bonus money. In this case you are allowing to cash out your real money without having to fulfil the wagering requirements linked to the bonus money an T&C. In this scenario, and by default, you would first start playing using your real money and would have the opportunity to withdraw it at any time, before tapping into the bonus sum or having to wager it. If you are still playing with your real money, you could decide to make a withdrawal and cash out, which in turn would forfeit the unused bonus money in order for you to do so.

Recognize Sticky or Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses

One of the biggest issues for new casino players is the fact that they get dazzled by the big numbers of the welcome deposit that the online casino offers and often fail to realize whether they have signed up for a sticky bonus or for a non-sticky casino bonus. It is not until they have done playing and attempt to withdraw their initial deposit money that they realize their mistake. Sticky bonuses are removed from your account when you try to withdraw it. So, this makes reading the terms and conditions of the deposit bonus the number one rule. Look out for phrases like “for play or wagering purposes only” or better yet also check out guide sites that can inform you which online casinos have sticky bonuses, and which do not. This is probably the easiest way of learning about your online casinos type of welcome bonus since most online casinos tend to specify the bonus conditions in a rather ambiguous manner.

Benefits and Disadvantages Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses

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  • By collecting a non-sticky casino bonus you can play with a bigger balance;
  • There is a bigger change to hit bonuses or a big win. Because of the bigger balance;
  • Mostly there is no max bets or restricted games as long as you are playing with the real cash fund;
  • Cancel your bonus at any moment you like which makes it possible to withdrawal your remaining balance;
  • Most cases a non-sticky casino bonus offers between 50% and 100% extra. Where sticky bonuses this amount can be higher and around 200% or even 300% in some cases;

  • You will not start wagering your bonus until you have lost your real money balance;

  • Non-sticky casino bonuses are hard to find;