Deposit methods – Online casinos

If you want to start with online gambling in casinos there are many ways to deposit your money. We will explain the most popular deposit methods for online casino in this article. Depending of your residence and choice of casinos not all the payments options below will be accepted. Always check or ask the casino support which deposit methods are available

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Responsible Online gambling in Casinos

Responsible gaming in online casinos

In this article we will talk about how to play responsible in online casinos.

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Online slot game providers

Online casino game providers

There are a lot of online casino providers over the world. In this article we will provide you with the most popular online casino providers and there games.

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Online Internet Casino – Pure vs Hybrid

In this article we will explein all the advantage of each different kind of Online casino. We will discuss Pure, Hybrid and Pay n Play casino models

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Volatility of online casino slots

High Variance or Low variance? – Volatility

During this article we will explain the variance of games in high and low volatility. Want to learn more about the math behind the variance?

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Here you will find all the Online casino word in Glossary form

Online casino Glossary

All kind of words are dazzling down your brain if you start with online gambling. In this article we will make an overview of the most common and popular casino terms.

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Explanation or Return to player (RTP) in online casino slots

Explaining RTP (Return to Player) and how to choice the best Casino Slot

If you start playing in online casinos you will see multiple games with different RTP. In this article we will explain the Return to Player (RTP) and the difference between slots providers and online casinos

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Types of Slots at Online casinos

In most online casinos you will find 2000+ games from different providers. Each providers has its own specialty and RTP. In this article we will show you the most common types of slots.

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Different Online Casino bonuses

In this article we are summarizing all the different possibilities of online casino bonuses. Topics like no deposit bonus, deposit bonus and free spin bonuses will be at the order

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Withdrawal methods – Online casinos

Earlier we talked about the deposit methods at online casinos. Now this article is the FUN part, because you will read this because you have profit and want to withdrawal your money. Payouts can be done by multiple methods, in this article we will talk and discuss all the advantages of those methods.

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All you need to know about wagering in online casinos

What is wagering? And how to choice the best Casino Bonus

In this article we are explaining the wagering of online casino bonuses in details. What kind of wagering there is and how to beat the wagering

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Speed up the verification or KYC process in Online casinos

Verification process or KYC process – Online casino

If you play online in casinos, they need to know who you are. During your registration you already send your …

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Licensing of Online casinos

There are a lot of different online casino licenses. The biggest one we will explain to you. Those are the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) and the Gaming Curacao (GC Gaming).

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WowPot from MicroGaming up to €2.000.000

Did you know that SlotV Casino, Frank Casino and Mr Bit Casino, feature a special four-tiered online progressive jackpot from Microgaming, called WowPot? …

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